Other Furs - Rosa · Chinchilla Jacket
Other Furs - Rosa · Chinchilla Jacket
Other Furs - Rosa · Chinchilla Jacket
Other Furs - Rosa · Chinchilla Jacket

Rosa · Chinchilla jacket

Normal price €5,999.00 EUR

When you have placed your order, your contact person from FURBAZAAR will get in touch with you. Together you will finalise the last details of your order, before it is going into production.

  • Certified Chinchilla from Danish Kopenhagen Fur
  • Kopenhagen Fur quality label sewed in
  • Two invisible pockets and eye hook closures
  • Tone-to-tone silk lining with embroidery of your name
  • 21-30 days delivery time as this fur is custom made
  • Delivered in a fur garment bag for summer storage 
  • Payment is not charged before delivery
  • Price always includes adjustments
  • Made in Greece, Europe
  • Free world shipping
  • Length: 55 cm

Model and style information:
· The model is 1.75 cm tall and is wearing a standard size 38/M
· Sleeves on picture is 3/4 - Normal
· Color on picture is Dyed

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    Kopenhagen Fur is the world's largest provider of luxury fur. Garments carrying a Kopenhagen Fur quality label have been made from fur skins that are unrivalled in quality. Only skins sold through Kopenhagen Fur and graded by Kopenhagen Fur's graders can carry the Kopenhagen Fur quality label.

    The finest of the finest, Kopenhagen Fur Platinum Quality mink skins are characterised by lightness and silkiness due to their extra fine, short guard hair and the underfur, which is exceptionally dense and full. 

    Mink skins of the Kopenhagen Fur Burgundy Quality comes second and have been carefully graded and selected for their even layer of guard hair and dense, voluminous underfur.

    The difference between the two top qualities is small and for most people, only visible for the trained eye.