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Kopenhagen Fur Mink credit card wallet

Kopenhagen Fur Platinum Label
€195 EUR

SKU: 1231043

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Mink credit-card wallet:

  • Space for 20 cards, 4 pockets and space for a pen.
  • Mink from Kopenhagen Fur.
  • Italian calf leather.
  • Comes in appropriate gift box.
  • Origin Assured, OA™ certified.
  • Great details and high quality.
  • W: 12 cm. H: 22 cm.
  • Free return (World-wide)

Kopenhagen Fur is the world's largest provider of luxury fur. Garments carrying a Kopenhagen Fur quality label have been made from fur that are unrivalled in quality. All furs carrying a Kopenhagen Fur quality label are Origin Assured, OA™ certified, guaranteeing that all regulations governing fur production are kept in force.

Storage: Never hang your fur on a wire hanger. Never store it in a garment bag made of synthetic material, the lack of ventilation can course the leather to dry out and become porous. We recommend you store your fur in a textile garment bag.

Rainy weather: Should your fur get wet, shake it out and hang it up to dry in a well-ventilated room. Avoid direct heat and radiators, which can damage the fur and leather. Shake the fur out again once it has dried. Should your fur be soaked through, it should ideally be taken to a dry-cleaner specialising in fur.

Take care: Take care with mothproofing agents and do not allow these to come into direct contact with your fur. Avoid getting perfume or hairspray on your fur.

Out of season: The best way to store you fur in warm weather is to have it preserved. If not possible, the best way is to keep it at a low temperature and humidity away from direct sunlight in order to protect it.

Cleaning: Have your fur cleaned by a fur specialist once a year.

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