Custom fitted &

Made To Order

Furs made to your exact measurements, made from the highest quality mink skins in the world and produced responsibly in Europe.

We Do Things A Little Different

Instead of massproduced standard sizes and colors, we make a unique size for every order and customer. The image above shows some of our customers' unique patterns. They are made for each order, fur and  measurements.

Buying a fur shouldn’t feel like a chore or a compromise and it shouldn’t be difficult. We aim to make the sizing and ordering process as simple and straightforward as possible.

Here’s how it works:

1. Choose or design

Choose an existing fur style or customize the color, lining, neck, sleeves, quality etc. and create your own dream fur. All choices will be custom made and fitted.

2. Enter your size

Submit your measurements or choose a standard size. We always prefer to get your personal measures but if you prefer choosing a standard size you can follow our sizeguide.

3. Our work begins

That’s it, your job is done and this is where ours begins. Before we start the production of your dream fur, your personal FURBAZAAR contact will get in touch and go through your order.


With us you play a central role

As FURBAZAAR customer, you will have a personal contact person who will ensure that your journey with us, from start to end, will be a satisfying and good experience.

Get in touch here

4. Step by step

We control every step of our value chain, from the purchase of raw materials to the construction of your finished fur. We do this to offer the highest quality at the best price.

5. Handmade in EU

All of our furs are proudly made in our studio in Greece. This to ensure high standards and skilled craftsmanship. Greece has a long tradition for fur work and they are the best in the world.

6. Free world delivery

Your fur is given a final quality check to ensure that everything is as specified and requested. Then it is carefully packed and shipped to your preferred address, fully traceable.


Perfect Fit Guarantee

All of our furs are covered by our Perfect Fit Guarantee, meaning if you, for whatever reason, are not satisfied with your fur's fit, our in-house tailor will make corrections accordingly, no questions asked.


Always Including a personal embroidery


Quality labels

Mink is sorted in different qualities. The best qualities are awarded by Kopenhagen Fur with a label. This label is sewed inside your fur as a certificate. At FURBAZAAR we only use the two best qualities. Platinum label (Platinum) is the best quality, followed by the Burgundy label (Gold). We recommend and use Burgundy label as our standard. If preferred you then have the possibility to upgrade to Platinum.