Become a partner



We are always looking for new and competent partners that can help us expand and spread our geographical coverage and reach world-wide. As a partner, you will assist and advise future and current FURBAZAAR customers with their purchases and fur. You act as their personal contact and as our company representative.

Being a FURBAZAAR Partner is a freelance job where you meet a demand in a given geographical area. For each happy and satisfied customer you leave behind, you receive a fixed fee. However, this fee usually and quickly transform into a substantial extra income for most of our partners. As a FURBAZAAR partner, it's your effort, service and commitment that reflects your earnings.

You will be considered a partner if you send us a motivated application or meet with us for an interview. If you continue from here, we invite you to Denmark for a few days and take you through a comprehensive training course in our concept, product, material and service.

Keep in mind that we are continuously seeking new partners in new and existing markets, as it is limited how much demand a partner in a market can cover and service. We are looking very much forward to hear from you.

📞 +45 7199 5090