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FUR is the world’s oldest type of clothing. The unique ability of fur to keep a body warm has served to protect man against the elements ever since prehistoric times. For thousands of years, fur has been traded across borders and continents. Ancient trading routes and towns were founded on fur trade, generating development and wealth. Fur is one Denmark’s few global successes. Denmark produces high quality mink skins and holds a leading position, which makes the fur sector unique from a Danish standpoint. No other Danish sector enjoys a similar global position of strength.

MINK skins are some some of the world's most exclusive and sought-after fur materials. In spite of its soft and delicate nature the material is quite durable and this, along with the warmth of the fur, makes it the perfect choice for elegant winter wear. But mink skins can also be used for accessories, interior design etc. Mink comes in an array of types, colours and qualities but common for the skins from Kopenhagen Fur is their exceptional quality, recognised by the even, dense and voluminous fur.

FURBAZAAR is a company that aims to exploit and combine the benefits of globalization and the Internet with the tradition and crafts of fur and mold these pillars together and offer custom-made fur's to customers across the world at good prices, great speed and with a high level of service.

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Why ?

We want to tell the good story about fur and challenge how we traditionally buy and sell finished fur garments. With us, you become part of the design process. In this way you get something unique and custom made, of high quality, fast and at a good price.

Our knowledge is your security

We are certified

Just like our fur's have a quality certificate, we also have. All our consultants are highly trained within the fur business.

Made in Europe

Our furs is made in Greece. The Greeks have a long tradition for fur craftmanship and they are the best in the world to do this.

The Fur Book

With your finished fur, you will always receive a copy of The Fur Book. It tells the amazing story and process behind our product.

Your personal fur

A FURBAZAAR fur is always including embroidery

Kopenhagen Fur

Quality Labels

Kopenhagen Fur’s quality labels are an excellent help when buying a fur. We only use the top two qualities, Burgundy and Platinum label. This guarantee a fur of premium quality. Our furriers sew the label in your fur as a quality guarantee.



Quality has always been one of the most important factors for us. Quality in the broadest sense of the word. Our quality concept covers not only longevity, beautiful designs, good craftsmanship and good materials. It also includes high animal welfare and sustainability in production.

Unlike the fashion industry's 'fast fashion' products, fur has a long life. Eg. The mink fur has an average lifespan of up to 40 years. After that, it can be remade so that an old cut is made into a present or it can be passed on too another generation. If you really want to get rid of your fur, you can dig it down into the garden where the fur will just be biodegradable by nature. Fur is 'slow fashion' and a true circular natural product.

The ideological idea that animals and humans are equal beings and that humans cannot use animals for anything, is basically not a discussion for or against fur but a discussion of a far broader ideology. Without animals, humanity was still a place in the Stone Age because people and animals are mutually dependent.

The fur industry is based on good animal welfare. Good animal welfare equals high quality fur. That's what made Denmark the world's leading producer of mink skins. Something we as a country should be proud of. In these years, the international fur industry rolls out the most ambitious certification and animal welfare program to date. It aims to ensure high and uniform quality and animal welfare throughout the EU and provide the consumer with a blister that can create safety and security about the product.

Although fur is probably the most sustainable material in the world, we would like to add another sustainable dimension, namely at the production stage. Therefore, we do not make fur’s for stock or for sale. We only make fur’s that is made to order. No stock and no standard sizes. We think this is a responsible approach to a sustainable production.


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