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Transparency is the key for the future in the fur industry

Transparency is the key for the future in the fur industry
Monday 15, 2016

Fur has always been a problem in people’s mind. The anti fur movements and activists have seen a very cruel videos about how animals are treated for their fur. In the old days, people used to use the endangered species for fashion. But times changed and there are more restrictions. In some countries it is still a problem, as in China for example. They do not respect the animal welfare and they do not make progress about it.

So the problem is not about wearing fur, it is more about where it comes from and rules are different in each country - people should be aware of that.

Here in Denmark, we care a lot about the animal welfare and we made progress with technologies but also about how the animals are treated. Anyone can even visit a mink farm in Denmark, there is total transparence with the animal welfare and, according to a recent survey, 95 % of people improve their opinion after visiting a mink farm. 
When people see with their own eyes, they change their mind. It’s a progress for the fur industry. 

It is important for a fur company to be opened, transparent and reliable with the public.

In the future, people will be more concerned about how the product is made, where it comes from, they will want to know everything about the product they would like to buy. It is a question about transparency and it has already begun with e-commerce websites, food industry and many others because transparency is the key of confidence and honesty.

It’s true, when I want to buy something I always try to find as much information as possible about the product, and that is why I Will choose to buy one product over another.

So it is not only about the fur, but every companies in the world should be transparent and honest with their customers.

The farmers who manage to improve animal welfare is a good role model for the entire fur industry and the worst farmers should be punished or banned for their techniques, It should not be the good ones that is being punished.

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