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CPHFW SS17 - Trends

CPHFW SS17 - Trends
Friday 26, 2016

Every February and August, Copenhagen hosts their largest fashion event, the Copenhagen Fashion Week. The whole fashion industry and all the fashionistas are there.
This year, the Copenhagen Fashion Week was wonderful, from street styles to fashion shows, Danish people definitely know what the word fashion means.

Danish designers were highly represented.

Saks Potts

Saks Potts is a Copenhagen-based womenswear brand created by Barbara Potts and Catherine Saks. They find their inspiration in different forms of art, strong colors and interesting materials.

A Saks Potts show is not just a show: It’s a total universe with many things to see, our eyes are impressed by how they can combine materials and colors perfectly. They made a collection that is definitely modern and style inspiring for all women. (It is not only modern, it’s totally different from what we are used to see).

They know how to transform a simple garment in a beautiful piece by adding a touch of fur.

They like to use fur like Mongolian fur as well as lamb fur.

CPHFW SS17 - lambfur vest 

Designers' Nest

Designers' Nest was created in 2003 as a professional and international platform for Nordic design graduates. Graduated students know how to use fur, they have a young point of view of the fashion industry and they add a touch of modernity to their creations.

This autumn, patchwork was a popular trend. It is refreshing and changes the way we wear fur. All the fashionistas loved the fur jacket with patchwork, a modern innovation.

The collection combines vintage and modern style.

Fashion and design is definitely a good mix.

CPHFW SS17 - fur vests

By Malene Birger

Malene Birger sends us to her world, the show takes place in a big space where walls are all painted in sugary pink. This detail is important because it emphasizes her collection with many pastel colors. These pastels colors add a touch of innocence.

According to Birger, she got the inspiration for her collection on her trip to Los Angeles: a collection mixing the Hollywood glamour and sexiness while respecting her style of modernity.

Whereas other designers are using darker colors, Malene Birgers takes us to a bright pink work, her world. She stands out from others with this fresh collection. And also the models look fresh and classy.

“Spring/Summer is about pieces that makes you feel beautiful and confident” - Malene Birger.
We saw a bright pink fur vest and beige fur shoes.We totally agree with this style, absolutely stunning. 

By Malene Birger SS17 show

CPHFW SS17 - pink and white 

Maikel Tawadros

This season's Maikel Tawadros Collection was a combination of softness and aesthetic.
He loves to use materials such as silk and loves accessories as well.
Some touches of fur were added, that gives a sophisticated and feminine side.

Fantastic accessories and accents were a big part of the show, as it is always the case with Maikel Tawadros. This included neck-pieces and elaborate leather brooches that came across surprisingly light and airy, and a variety of fur scarves.

Maikel Tawadros SS17 Runway Show

 CPHFW SS17 - dresses  

So what trend is most memorable and could make a great contribution to your style? 

Big fur jacket
Lily lambskin jacket
- Mandy marabou feather fur jacket
- Liva short raccoon fur jacket

More cool things to wear
- Pink fur jacket
- Fur collars that dress the neck

See you in February for the next season and some more fashion advice!

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This bEIGE Fur on the first photo is beautiful! It’s STylish and universal. I found some similar fashions in furs e-shop:

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