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Isn’t fur only for the rich and famous?

Isn’t fur only for the rich and famous?
Friday 13, 2016

Fur appeals to a much more diverse group of consumers than ever before - in terms of income, age, lifestyle and geographic location. Fur has also evolved from elegant winter wear to everyday wear designed to be worn for all seasons - and all reasons. If you ask us, fur is for everyone.

At Furbazaar our mission is to make fur available to everyone all around the world and to spread the word about the fantastic material that fur is. Think about the care and craftsmanship that goes into producing it, hand in hand with ethics and welfare, the centuries of history and the know-how it consists of. Fur is a truly unique and fantastic product.

Furbazaar has fur for all ages, purposes, genders and wallets. Our vision is to have a piece of fur for everyone. From a small accessory at 9€ up to jackets at 9.999€, it is transparent and in eye level. There is nothing we love more, than to tell you about our world of fur.

Furbazaar is divided into 4 product categories. Fur for women, Fur accessories, Fur for men and last, Fur for sale.

If we start with womens fur, the category consists of 4 product areas, fur jackets, fur vests, fur ponchos and fur clothes. The funny thing is that depending of the material you choose, there is fur for everyone. A customer with preferences for a special type of fur, maybe mink or sable, will see that the prices is in the upper end. A customer, who just likes the feel and touch of fur, maybe finds our rabbit jackets as the best alternative and at a third of the price, due to the fact of a much lower production price.


“By the way is rabbit fur also a by-product to the meat industry, as we eat the meat and instead of throwing the fur away, we use it to make clothes. A very sustainable way to use the nature.”

It is the same with our fur accessories, the purpose is to create awareness among the younger generation showing its use as beautiful accessories in keys, on bags or even as bags, scarves or what ever. The possibilities are endless.

Furbazaar has about 500 different accessory products, fitting both men and women, signalling a touch of luxury and craftsmanship. On Furbazaar, light pieces as a top with a small fur trimming or a fur vest can be purchased, which also gives fur a life outside the winter season, something that many people don’t combine with fur, as its often seen as a heavy fur coat for a minus degree day. But it is fantastic to use also in spring and autumn, when it’s chill or a mild summer night. Here our vests and ponchos of ex. rabbit or raccoon is a well price alternative.

The last product category, fur sale, is also a good opportunity to get a special offer or save some money on an otherwise expensive fur garment, due to a small mistake, wrong size, or outgoing collection. Nonetheless the fur will remain beautiful for many years, so it is a good way to purchase an expensive piece at a reduced price. No doubt that we love fur at

We love to see customers use fur as accessories, clothes and garments. Many customers start with a keyhanger and end up with a fur jacket years later and fall in love with the material, the history and the luxurious feeling it is to wear a piece of fur. At the same time, the use of fur has expanded. From the traditional fashion and accessories to interior design objects and decorative details.

A shift in demographics has led to a more casual approach overall to attire. It's not unusual to see women wearing jeans with a fur accessory to the theatre. Wearing fur when they pick up their children from school. Or men wearing fur.

Furbazaar – Fur for everyone. Your online fur store. Welcome to a world of fur.

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Shanna Evans
03 Nov 16:35

This is a great post. We are seeing more people from every demographic come into our store lately. If they don’t start off with a full mink, they might buy a fur keychain or headband. We love it and hope to see more of it!

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