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Show your love with a fur heart on mothers day <3

Show your love with a fur heart on mothers day <3
Monday 02, 2016

Here at we love mothers day and we try to give the day a touch of fur. The yearly day where daughters and sons all around the world pay a tribute to their mothers with love, gifts, flowers and compliments makes an ideal occasion for small cute fur hearts. Every year we send fur hearts to mothers all around the world. This year we have made a special offer on a red fur heart made of the finest Danish mink from Kopenhagen Fur. You can get -25% discount and buy it for €45,- before €59,-.

The mink heart will last for decades and constantly remind your mother of your love and appreciation. Mothers day originates back to the early 1600s, and originally comes from England where it started as a ceremony among soldiers sent out in war, who send love back to their mothers at home. Today the day is often celebrated with flowers, cards, calls or a small gifts - so remember:

The original fur heart from Kopenhagen Fur is just the perfect small gift as it stands as a symbol of love, luxury and craftsmanship. Fur is a natural and sustainable product that is perfected by farmers through centuries. It is a beautiful small accessory, which functions both as an accessory on a bag, purse or wallet, or as a key ring. At Furbazaar we specialize in fur and we are very good at getting our products to customers all around the world, therefore you can safely order a heart for your mother and be sure, that we will take care of getting it to her. Depending on the destination, we charge a little for the shipping, otherwise we provide free world wide shipping on orders above €200,-. 

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