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Skins have always been used by us humans

Skins have always been used by us humans
Thursday 21, 2016

Denmark is a country of mink and producers of the finest mink furs in world, and just after China, Denmark produce the most. Mink fur can be used for many things, such as for all fur attire, this includes mink jackets, coats, ponchos, vest, hats and so on. You can also find mink fur as details on collars and lining. It is in Russia, USA, and China, that people really enjoy wearing fur attire. The beautiful mink robe, which the Chinese woman wears in Beijing, might just be crafted with mink from the danish mink farms.

Kopenhagen Fur, the biggest fur auction house in the world, can be found on a residential street in Glostrup, Copenhagen, Denmark. Here they sell Danish mink furs for millions of dollars, of course also along with other fur types from both Denmark and other countries.

Skins have always been used by us humans

Since the stone age us humans have worn fur. They hunted wild fur animals for their meat and fur. The first documented sale of fur, in Denmark, dates back to the year 1294. Laws were made in the medieval times, about who can wear what fur. Only the king could wear the finest of the finest fur.

Canada and Russia, along with many other countries, started housing and farming fur animals in the 19th century. The passion for mink farming quickly spread all over Europe. 

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