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Gift ideas to make a girl happy on special occasions

Gift ideas to make a girl happy on special occasions
Saturday 16, 2016

1. Amber mink wallet €159 eur. 2. Bracelet with mink ball and jewellery €59 eur. | 3. Raccoon ball keychain €59 eur. | 4. Mink necklace €49 eur. | 5. Mink fur ring €29 eur. | 6. Black mink clutch €139 eur. | 7. Grey and brown swakara leather notebook €179 eur. | 8. Mink fur heart keychain €39 eur. | 9. Vest of knitted rabbit €249 eur. | 10. Grumpy Hannibal charm €110 eur. | 11. Rabbit and raccoon poncho €265 eur. | 12. Knitted wool and rabbit fur poncho €179 eur. | 13. Marabou feather jacket €249 eur.

We all remember the first steps into young adulthood and when makeup, accessories and boybands became more interesting than climbing trees. In that age we all dreamt of being unique and we must admit, we loved when our parents and family tried to understand our new passions by shopping new bags and other fun items to make us feel special. At Furbazaar we thought, why not inspire girls to become young women full of confidence by finding their true style and looking amazing.

Special occasions like the sweet sixteen, prom and other ceremonial celebrations in our teenage years create long-life memories. We remember how our whole family got together just for us alone, how beautiful the dress made us feel and how they all wanted to celebrate and support us through that special day. We have therefore collected these perfect gift to bring happiness to girls around the world. The gift ideas are picked from the lower price range of our shop, but the quality is equal to any other high-end product. We guarantee that all our products are made from origin assured certified fur in highest quality.

Fur wallets and bags for sophisticated and cool girls

With fur, every girl will get that extra luxury feeling and a natural and durable quality item. The fur wallet with mink is silky soft and in the finest design (1). The black mink clutch with a chain (6) is full of details and perfect for girls who only want to carry around their most necessary items.  

The diary and notebook a girl can keep her whole life

This is maybe the most exclusive notebook a girl can get (7) and made to last a lifetime. It is made of grey swakara and brown leather and when she has used all the pages, she can replace them with a new block of paper.

Fluffy fur charms and jewellery

Every girl dreams of being spoiled with jewellery and luxurious items and we truly support that feeling. The mink necklace (4) and mink fur ring (5) match and are available in 11 beautiful colours. The mink charm bracelet is an exclusive and cute item, easy to add to any outfit (2).

Our charms are perfect accessories to put on bags and keys. We have collected our most popular and extravagant examples: The raccoon ball available in 8 colours (3), the mink fur heart keychain in 8 colours (8) and our Grumpy Hannibal charm (10) in two colours. They are colourful, fun and full of personality.

Light and youthful spring fur clothing for glamorous girls

In spring we recommend lighter fur clothing for girls who stay out in summer nights or windy spring weather. The marabou feather jacket (13) is dramatic, fluffy and cool, and our most affordable jacket – perfect for taking a stroll and feeling amazing. For an extra light feeling choose a knitted rabbit vest (9). This particular fur vest is easy to mix up with the season's spring outfits to make a glamorous style. Another very popular and fashionable choice is our fur ponchos. This rabbit and raccoon poncho has a cool hood (11) and is also available with a knitted collar and small fringes (12). They are perfect to wear instead of, or together with a spring jacket.

We hope that this will inspire girls to keep on exploring the fun of picking the perfect accessory and creating their own personal style. Show us how you love to wear fur by using #furbazaar, so you can inspire girls all around the world.

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