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What is quality in fur?

What is quality in fur?
Wednesday 09, 2016

Quality in fur is for many people a difficult measure, because what defines if the quality is good or bad? What do you have to look after and be aware of when buying a fur garment? As buying a fur garment is both an emotional, ethical and financial decision and for many, an investment, which should last for many years and even generations, quality is an important factor of consideration when buying a fur garment or fur accessory.

At Furbazaar we care a lot for this and as fur is a natural product, the fur is also a testament of how it has been produced. You can compared it with us humans, if we keep a unhealthy life with stress and poor food, sleep etc. it shows in our skin, hair, nails etc. It is the same with animals.

Quite simple, high quality fur is a product of high quality welfare. A healthy and well-kept animal will always produce the finest quality pelt, which then results in a higher price for the skin to the farmer. This is why it is in all’s interest to keep a high animal welfare. More specific about how to define the quality of a fur product you would have to look at several factors, of course depending of the fur/skin type. But in general, you always look at the wool, how is the density of the under wool. You look at the lengths of the hair, the silkiness and touch, together with the resilience of the hairs themselves. The standard and quality is graded by highly trained inspectors at the action houses where all pelts is sold to the world market. They divide the pelts into types, gender, size, color, quality and clarity. At Furbazaar we only sell fur from suppliers, which are buying from recognized action houses such as Kopenhagen Fur, Saga Fur, NAFA, Fur harvesters etc. These ensure a regulated production and regulation of the production together with certification and labeling of the pelts, which also gives you as the customer a security about the animal welfare and thereby the quality of the fur which is used to produce the fur jacket, coat or accessory you are buying at

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