A personal fur,
handmade for you

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Here at FURBAZAAR we represent a new and refreshing way to sell fur.
We combine innovation, craftsmanship and quality with an uncompromising customer focus.
At Furbazaar you get fast delivery, a personal contact, good prices and our perfect fit guarantee.
Welcome to our world of fur


You buy a fur that will last a lifetime

Fur from Danish Kopenhagen Fur is a world-class quality product. A product and craft that has been refined throughout generations and that will last for a lift time.

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a furbazaar fur

Find your dream fur

At FURBAZAAR we don't produce fur for stock or for sales. We produce furs for our customers, you. That way, you get a personal fur, handmade especially for you without having to compromise.

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A personal fur

A fur from Furbazaar always includes a personal embroidery

Kopenhagen Fur

The world's best mink skins comes from Denmark

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Danish-based fur brand located in the countryside in the middle of Denmark.

Customer Service:
Monday - Friday
CET: 08:00 - 18:00

Contact us on:
📞 +45 71 995 090
✉️ hello@furbazaar.com

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