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Furbazaar was born in Denmark and stays proudly Danish to the date. We find our roots on the countryside in the heart of Denmark. As the first online fur company in the world, we create fur jackets made to order and made to our customers' individual measurements, online. All of our fur jackets are made in Europe by skilled workers, and of high quality fur from Kopenhagen Fur.

We want to instill a sense of calm and trust in our product, an assurance that a fur jacket from Furbazaar is made from high quality certified fur, and constructed by people that are respected for their expertise and craftsmanship. We aim to create fur garments that, through its focus on quality and craftsmanship, will remain relevant through passing trends, seasons and generations.

We see a major problem with standard sizes, and that is that they rarely fit. 70% of all women simply don’t fit into a standard size, and when buying a fur, which should last for many years, you want it to fit your measurements. Standard sizes are very convenient for retailers – but they are often a compromise for the customer. That is why we need to change how we work our supply chain. All fur jackets from Furbazaar are made uniquely to each of our customers, ensuring an exact fit.

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There will always be time where different trends appear. The good and unique thing about fur is that it is a timeless trend. Fur never goes out of fashion. Every year there is always some designer who creates attention around fur by using fur in a new and innovative way. The fur industry has many generations of history. One of the reasons for why fur stays in fashion is that the material is of so high quality that ensures that all furs stay beautiful in many years. At we have many different types of fur. You can, among others, find a broad selection of products made of mink. The mink comes from Danish farms and is quality tested and approved by the worlds larges fur auction house situated in Copenhagen and is called ”Kopenhagen Fur”. You can find many different materials and every material varies a lot en price and look, but everything you will find in our selection is of highest quality.

Mink fur jackets

Most of the fur garments and accessories on Furbazaar, is made out of mink, rex-rabbit or fox, also Swakara, sable and raccoon can be found in our assortment. Furbazaar is known for high quality fur products, sourced from Kopenhagen Fur, which has contributed to set a high international standard for fur production. At Furbazaar you find a large variety of primarily mink jackets and mink coats. All mink jackets is made to order and is getting custom made based on the customers preselected, size, colour and delivery terms. All mink jackets on Furbazaar have the Kopenhagen Fur quality label and carry the origin assured OA™ certification. The fur is made by techniques and craftsmanship that are hundreds of years old. The furs are products of the nature so the colour and homogeneity can vary. This is completely normal. We humans have used fur as clothing as long as history goes back. One of the many qualities of fur is that it is breathable and it keeps you warm.

Oh! By Kopenhagen Fur

On Furbazaar you can find hundreds of fur accessories from Oh! By Kopenhagen Fur. Oh! Makes fantastic high quality fur product, crafted mainly of mink from the auction house Kopenhagen Fur, which represents high standards and quality in the production and grading of fur. You will be able to find fur accessories such as fur collars and scarves, fur hats and hundreds of fur key chains, made as funny animals, monsters, and charms or as a fur heart or tail. One of Oh! By Kopenhagen Fur’s specialities are leather and fur handbags. You should therefore take a look on the variety of fur bags available on Furbazaar. Here you can find everything from handbags with mink, fox and Swakara to purses, clutches and even wallets with cool fur trimmings. Besides that there is also a whole category with fur jewellery, such as necklaces, bracelets and other beautiful fur accessories of mink. Last but not least you can find gloves with fur trimmings, belts, travel accessories with fur, notebooks, teddy bears made of mink and bow ties in mink and swakara. All products are nicely packed in gift boxes and with quality certificates from Kopenhagen Fur.

Kopenhagen Fur

All mink garments and accessories you find on Furbazaar, the pelt is coming from Kopenhagen Fur. Kopenhagen Fur is the world's largest provider of luxury fur. Garments carrying a Kopenhagen Fur quality label have been made from fur that are unrivalled in quality. All furs carrying a Kopenhagen Fur quality label are Origin Assured, OA™ certified, guaranteeing that all regulations governing fur production are kept in force. Because of this, you, as a customer can always be certain that the fur used to make a jacket, coat or an accessory available on Furbazaar, has been raised and produced by high industry standards securing and protecting good animal welfare.

Natures Collection

Natures Collection is a Danish brand that produces a lot of lighter fur pieces in mainly rabbit and raccoon, such as fur vests and fur poncho’s. You can find all Natures Collection’s fashion products on Furbazaar’s women’s fur category. Natures Collection is also making fur jackets and fur coats of primarily Rex-Rabbit, cashmere and Mink from Kopenhagen Fur. Further more Furbazaar carry all Natures Collection’s fur accessories, such as hat, gloves, scarves and key chains. When you buy a fur, it is an investment that you should keep in many years. It is essential what quality and design you buy. Many of the styles on Furbazaar are very popuplar styles, and you can therefore be certain that the design does not get out of fashion after a few seasons. We have a lot of different colours and nuances. Therefore, we can ensure you that there is one for every taste.

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