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There will always be time where different trends appear. The good and unique thing about fur is that it is a timeless trend. Fur never goes out of fashion. Every year there is always some designer who creates attention around fur by using fur in a new and innovative way. The fur industry has many generations of history. One of the reasons for why fur stays in fashion is that the material is of so high quality that ensures that all furs stay beautiful in many years. At we have many different types of fur. You can, among others, find different kinds of rabbit used for different products. We also have a broad selection of products made of mink. The mink fur comes from Danish farms and is quality tested and approved by Europe’s larges fur auction house situated in Copenhagen and is called ”Kopenhagen Fur”. You can find many different materials and every material varies a lot en price and look, but everything you will find in our selection is of highest quality.

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Some of out most popular materials are racoon fur and fox fur. You can find jackets, vests and coats that are made of fox fur. Actually, you can find two types of fox. One of the types is named silver fox and is the most exclusive of the two fur types. The fur is made by techniques that are more than hundred years old. The furs are products of nature so the colour and homogeneity can vary. This is completely normal. Furs are used as clothing as long as humans have lived. One of the fur’s many qualities is that it is breathable and it keeps you amazingly warm.

Fur for women

We can offer you Denmark’s absolute largest selection of furs. We have all the well-known brands and the most popular models. You can find both a fur jacket and a fur vest together with a lot of fur accessories. Many of our fur caps are for example very popular and very warm to wear. Besides this, we have a lot of beautiful jewellery, accessories and bags that are made from quality material. Fur is a very nice material no matter what fur you choose.

Fur for men

As you may know, the majority of the selection on is for women. This is due to the fact that the beautiful products on the market are for women. We constantly work to find new and exiting fur product for both men and women. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep an eye on our models for men. There are happening a lot of exiting things in the fur industry at the moment in addition to men. We have some really nice jackets for men.

Rain and fur wear

Rainy weather is normally nothing to worry about when you are wearing your fur jacket. As long as the leather side does not get wet, you can just hang your fur jacket or coat on a hanger. When the fur is dry, you can shake the hairs into line again. Remember that this is not the case with seal fur. If you have a seal fur that has become wet and the hairs have become bended, then you need to seek help at a professional dry cleaner who can manage to steam the fur.

When you buy a fur, it is an investment that you should keep in many years. It is essential what quality and design you buy. Many of our models are some of the most sold all around the world, and you can therefore be certain that the design does not get out of fashion after a few seasons. We have a lot of different colours and nuances. Therefore, we can ensure you that there is one for every taste.

Online fur

We have the world’s largest selection of fur online. You can find everything from fur jackets to key chains made of fur. The advantage of buying fur online is that you can see our large selection in very short period of time. We offer free shipping, and if your purchased product does not meet your expectations, you can send it back for free as well. We have made this possible because we know that you want to see and touch the products that we sell before you want to invest in them.